Do you have problems with your internet service? Nyxcomm will offer you a greater speed and an optimized connection. With our data link dedicated service, we will provide you a high performing platform, making you feel confident and safe.


Do you need collaboration services, and bandwidth is a concern? We deliver a smooth less service, communication between your end users will have no lag. You will save money on your telephony billing, using our data network.


Is your company protected against data loss? Have you conducted any hacking test to your network environment? We are the best option to prevent data loss, we perform penetration tests and ethical hacking.

Why do they choose us?

Nyxcomm is constantly innovating its services and solutions. Our experience and expertise allows us to improve and optimize processes, at the same time, effectively reduce our customer costs, with the support of our excellent team and our strategic partners.


We are a global, dedicated integrator that provides data transport and Internet service.


Transparency in all our relationships with telecommunication partners, their end customers and suppliers.


High levels of standards and quality in accordance with the best practices of the sector.


Our company has a network specially designed for voice, video and data transport, supported on a platform with high transmission capacity and 100% redundant.

Nyxcomm offers competitive interconnection
for the corporate environment.

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