ATM site Monitoring


• No visibility of operations

• Inefficient maintenance intervals

• Long reaction time / dispatching

• No data on asset performance

• High energy consumption

• Damage due to poor maintenance

• Underutilization of assets

• Data Interruptions


• Track performance of machinery and adjust utilization patterns

• Run local analytics of sensor data

• Provide a 4G/LTE Failover Data Connection

• Data of machinery to create alerts / notification if necessary

• Automatically trigger onsite action if necessary

• Retrofitting sensors to machinery (e.g. Generators, UPS systems, HVAC)

• Provide visibility and control of all site operations

• Intelligent Video surveillance

• Access control equipment (cameras, keypads, motion detection sensors)

• Full visibility and control over movement in building


• Reduced downtime

• Business Continuity with a 4G/LTE Failover solution for ATM Transactions

• Reduce Theft and Vandalism

• Proactive Security system helps eliminate risks

• Adjusted maintenance intervals

• Efficient dispatching (saves costs and time as well as owners’ reaction time

• Reduced energy consumption

• Increased asset lifetime due to optimized utilization and maintenance

Hardware Components

UIG (Universal IoT Gateway)

• Embedded Server (Linux Based Platform)

• IoT Sensor Controller (Modbus/TCP)

• Edge Storage (Local Video Recording)

• 8 POE Ports (Power over Ethernet)

• Cellular 4G/LTE Gateway



Environmental Control/HVAC Management

• Proximity (Motion)

• Door/Window Contact

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Water Flooding Sensor

• Remote HVAC control



• Keypads deployment

• Proximity readers (RFID) deployment

• High Megapixel HD Cameras

• Grant access to sites/shelters remotely

• Set-up of role- and time-based access permission

• Integrated infrared illuminator for Night Vision

• Loud Speaker for Remote Voice-Down

• Automated Speaker Self-Check

•Advanced Facial Recognition (optional)

Software Components


(requires IntelliSite Cloud subscription)

• Cloud Web based control panel and dashboard

• On-Premise installation available (private cloud)

• Process IoT Sensor Data

• Remote HVAC control

• Edge Intelligence (Local decisions and actions)

• Automation Engine (automated actions based on rulesets)

• Data Encryption with full TLS encryption support

• Middleware Data processing

• Edge gathering of IP and OT data

• Local Sensors, I/O Interfaces for Device Monitor & Control

• Export interfaces for external BI (Business Intelligence) and Reporting tools

• Downstream remote configuration

• Protocol Conversion (including non-IP sensors)

• Local MQTT Server Broker

• Easy Remote Configuration & Deployment of Updates

• Simple Integration with Application Frameworks like SAP HANA or ThingWorx



• Detects Human Presence

• Analyzes Video and Alerts the following conditions:

• Detects Trespassing

• People Loitering Notifications

• Physical Intrusion and Perimeter Protection

• Detects Suspicious Objects left behind

• Asset Monitoring

• Detects Objects Missing