IOT Solutions

IOT Solutions

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Nyxcomm provides the best solutions for IoT (Internet of Things), as a service. To assist with the control and the monitoring of objects and/or assets of your company in real time.

Industrial and Government Solutions

Agricultural Intelligence:

Take your agricultural production to the next level, control your harvest in real time using (AI) artificial intelligence.


Control and Monitoring of Communication Towers:

¨All in One¨ solutions for the control and monitoring of cell towers or media assets”.


Video surveillance for smart cities:

Surveillance helps to assist areas in a city, whilst reducing costs and securing residence and commercial areas.


ATM Monitoring System:

Complete visibility in real time of ATMs.


Management of Industrial Assets

Intelligent Platform for security and remote monitoring of industrial assets.

Smart Water:

Control and monitoring to assist agencies to be more efficient with the consumption of the water.


Smart transit:

Nyxcomm provides an intelligent information network to provide an efficient public transport service.


Monitoring Oil and Gas Locations:

Implementation of physical security and deployment of sensor which will collect data at remote sites, in environments where metrics and fast action is needed to provide an excellent and secure service.


License Plate Recognition:

With license plate recognition Nyxcomm allows the traffic safety agencies to enforce the traffic law through the automated recognition of license plates of vehicles in motion.

Residential Solutions

Home Monitoring:

Survelliance for condominiums and buildings with the highest quality of service.


Intelligent Security Patrols:

Nyxcomm provides real time information to first responders in case of an emergency.