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Connectivity Services

You need a safe and stable connection. This is the reason why Nyxcomm offers you innovative connectivity platforms adapted to your needs.
Our Technologies:


Our Technologies:



• MANAGED ROUTER: Real Time monitoring network data and your equipment.

• INTERNET: Speed that meets or exceed your requirements.

• EXPRESS ROUTE: For safe data transport.

• ACCELERATION SERVICES: To take full advantage of your contracted bandwidth.

Collaboration Services

Our platform is specially designed for voice, video and data transport. Every time there is a conference, you will be present.

Safety Services

Nyxcomm provides the security needed to protect the data and equipment of your company, with the technology of penetration tests and ethical hacking, in addition to the implementation of vulnerability tests to prevent the loss of data and intrusion in your network.

Administrative services

Nyxcomm provides you a series of solutions, such as remote hands, network and project management, and information technologies audit.